Yes Camerata plays Suk, Bacewicz & Rota

Yes Camerata

Finally it’s there, the new and first YES Camerata album!

Intense work, music making and lot’s of fun together in the beautiful ‘Academiezaal’ in Sint-Truiden (BE) in great cooperation with sound-engineer Yannick Willox (Acoustic Recording Services) and graphic designer Edith Aussems (Dietsdesign) made this possible.

Special thanks to all our musicians for the hard work,
to Camey Ltd Co. , Limburgs Cultuurfonds and STROOM for their support, Shirly Laub and Alan Brind for the musical coaching and to the ‘Academiezaal’ of Sint-Truiden (BE)
for the beautifull experience we had recording in such a nice hall.

To order please contact [email protected]

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