The Seasons Revisited

Ataneres Ensemble & Nicolas Dupont

‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi, stands as a pinnacle of classical music. Although widely praised
for its timeless brilliance by many, others have boldly criticized it as outdated. Against this
backdrop, contemporary British composer Max Richter, renowned for his cinematic and
minimalist approach, was inspired to reimagine this iconic work.
With audacious creativity, Richter embarked on a journey of deconstruction, retaining merely a
quarter of the original score while ingeniously transforming the remainder. Employing his
signature minimalist layering and looping techniques, he crafted ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Recomposed by Max Richter’ – a bold reinvention that seamlessly blends intimate, minimalist
passages with unexpected bursts of maximalist fervor.
The Ataneres Ensemble, in collaboration with violinist Nicolas Dupont, takes on this innovative
rendition. Dupont’s innate expressiveness, coupled with his adventurous musical spirit and
formidable technique, uniquely qualify him to navigate the intricacies of this modern reinterpretation of a beloved musical masterpiece.
In addition to Richter’s masterpiece, Ataneres introduces a new dimension to the collection
through the inclusion of four short contemporary Flemish compositions. These works, thoughtfully curated for accessibility, are intricately crafted to resonate with the essence and mood of
each season, thus enriching the overall auditory experience.
The resulting recording emerges as a musical odyssey poised to enthrall audiences with its
audacious blend of tradition and innovation.

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