Ensemble K

K is an open source to music and the multiplicity of cultures and their influences.
K challenges established codes and renews rituals and scenic spaces.
K endeavors to connect creatively, to embrace and surprise new audiences.
Founded by Simone Menezes, K, is a musical ensemble of multi-lingual soloists who, without dialect, together tell the stories which bridge the worlds of art and artists.

Artistic director / direction artistique : Simone Menezes
Administration & coordination : Maximilian Scheuer

Violins / violons : Nicolas Dupont, Manon Galy
Viola / alto : Clement Holvoet 
Violoncello : Kacper Nowak 
Double bass / contrebasse : Adrien Tyberghein 

Piano : Mara Dobresco

Flute : Daniela Mars, Ludivine Moreau 
Oboe / hautbois : Anne-Marie Gay, Nicolas Ben
Clarinet / clarinette : Alejandro Penteado, Christian Laborie
Bassoon / basson : Jules Postel
Horn / cor : Gabriel Potier


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